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black flamingo is dedicated to the realization of commercial and non-commercial art ventures for artists, galleries and brands. Our goal is to couple artists with appropriate funds from sponsors, foundations or companies supporting the realization of projects across commercial and non-commercial ventures.
Our office is located at Fahrbereitschaft where we used to showcase artists until May 2018 during Gallery Weekend and art berlin contemporary when the Haubrok art collection and the 30 artists residing on the compound opened their spaces to the public.
Unfortunately the Lichtenberg district office for urban development prohibited to showcase art in the commercial zone of Herzbergstrasse.
In November 2014 black flamingo launched the website, a rich platform dedicate to art and art production information in Berlin. Our Newsletter reaches approx. 2.000 subscribers.



black flamingo GbR
Torsten Oelscher | Eva Beth
Herzbergstraße 40—43
D-10365 Berlin

phone: +49 30 6583 0883
fax:       +49 30 6583 0879
cell:      +49 157 3495 6464

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