exhibitions 2016

Vietnamese Contemporary Laquer Painting

image © Phan Kế An

27 artists showcase their work
Opening receipton Thursday, November 17 from 6-9pm
10365 Berlin

The exhibition is open from November 18 through November 26, Wednesday to Saturday from 12-6pm

in cooperation with the Vietnamese Ministry for Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Goethe Institut Hanoï
organized by black flamingo

Letters from Panduranga | Nguyen Trinh Thi

exhibitions @ black flamingo: Letters from Panduranga by Nguyen Trinh Thi

during art berlin contemporary @ Fahrbereitschaft / haubrok art collection

opening September 11 2016 | 5-7pm

The essay film, made in the form of an anonymous exchange of letters between a man and a woman, was initially inspired by the fact that the government of Vietnam plans to build the country’s first two nuclear power plants in Ninh Thuan (formerly known as Panduranga), right at the spiritual heart of the Cham indigenous people, threatening the survival of this ancient matriarchal Hindu culture that stretches back almost two thousand years.
At the border between documentary and fiction, the film shifts audience attention between foreground and background, between intimate portraits and distant landscapes, offering reflections around fieldwork, ethnography, art, and the role of the artist.
Intertwining circumstances of the past, present, and future, the film also unfolds a multi-faceted historical and on-going experience of colonialisms, and looks into the central ideas of power and ideology in our everyday.

video duration 34m52s

Nguyen Trinh Thi is a Hanoi-based moving image artist. Her diverse practice, transcending the boundaries between cinema, documentary and performance, has consistently engaged with memory and history. Her works have been shown at international festivals and art exhibitions including Jeu de Paume, Paris; CAPC musée d’art contemporain de Bordeaux; the Lyon Biennale 2015; Asian Art Biennial 2015, Taiwan; Fukuoka Asian Art Triennial 2014; and Singapore Biennale 2013.

Lange Nacht der Bilder Lichtenberg | (opening reception @ Fahrbereitschaft):
September 16 2016 6-9pm

abc weekend:
September 17 2016 | 12-6pm
September 18 2016 | 12-6pm

Letters from Panduranga | pdf-invitation and exhibition text

black flamingo @ Fahrbereitschaft, Herzbergstr.40-43, 10365 Berlin

exhibitions @ black flamingo: and lead us ito temptation.

and lead us into temptation.

with artwork by:
Salvador Dalì
Günter Fruhtrunk
Victor Vasarely

Wednesday, april 27 2016

April 29 2016 – 12-6pm
April 30 2016 – 12-6pm
May 1 2016    – 12-6pm

• Salvador Dalì for Chupa Chups
The Chupa Chups logo was designed in 1969 by artist Salvador Dalí. Its first marketing campaign was the logo with the slogan „És rodó i dura molt, Chupa Chups“, which translates from Catalan as „It’s round and long-lasting“. Later, celebrities like Madonna were hired to advertise. In the 1980s, owing to falling birth rates, an anti-smoking slogan „Smoke Chupa Chups“ was tried to attract further adult consumers.

• Günter Fruhtrunk for Aldi Nord
Günter Fruhtrunk was a 1954 stipendiary of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg and the french government and moved to Paris. In 1955 he worked with Hans Arp in his artist studio. He had his first solo exhibition in 1960 at the gallery Denise René in Paris and was awarded in 1961 the Prix Jean Arp from Kulturkreis im Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie. From 1967 until his death he worked as a Professor at the academy of fine arts in Munich.
A constructivist work period was followed by color intensive images of parallel, orthogonal or diagonal, colorful vectors, bundled in stripes. His work was noticed by a wider audience through his participation at documenta 4.
His most known art work, to date been published in millions, is his 1970 plastic shopping bag for Aldi-Nord.
translated from https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Günter_Fruhtrunk

• Victor Vasarely for Renault
Victor Vasarely has won between 1965 and 1967 numerous international art prizes. He has been a participant of documenta 1 (1955), documenta II (1959) and documenta III (1964) as well as the 4. documenta in 1972 in Kassel. In 1972 he developed a new rhombus logo in op-art style for the car manufacturer Renault.
translated from https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victor_Vasarely

with the exhibition and lead us into temptation black flamingo shows artist commissions by the artists Salvador Dalì, Günter Fruhtrunk and Victor Vasarely.
special thanks to CFP Brands / Chupa Chups and Ralf Olapinski for the Renault rhombus.

black flamingo @ Fahrbereitschaft, Herzbergstr.40-43, 10365 Berlin

exhibitions 2015

exhibitions @ black flamingo: sculptures by Veronika Witte for Einstein on the Beach

Veronika Witte

sculptures created for
Einstein on the Beach
Philip Glass / Robert Wilson
at staatsbankberlin

Nach der vielbeachteten Berliner Erstaufführung in der ehemaligen Staatsbank Berlin 2001 unter der Leitung von Berthold Schneider (Regie), Ari Benjamin Meyers (Dirigent) und Veronika Witte (Raum) wurde das Werk in einer neuen Raumadaption für die Parochialkirche als offizieller Beitrag des Einsteinjahres 2005 eingeladen. Der Konzeption der Oper EINSTEIN ON THE BEACH von Philip Glass und Bob Wilson liegt die Annahme von drei unterschiedlichen Perspektiven zugrunde: Portrait, Stilleben und Landschaft. Mit dieser Setzung haben die Autoren das Werk in engen Zusammenhang zu Grundparametern der Bildenden Kunst gestellt. Der spezielle Wechsel der Szenen „Knee Plays – Train – Trial – Dances“, die jeweils einer dieser Perspektiven zugeordnet sind, rhythmisiert den Ablauf des Abends. Auch die 2. Produktion der staatsbankberlin unternimmt den Versuch, die Oper diese der 2-dimensionalen Abbildungskunst entlehnte Wahrnehmung in eine 3-dimensionale Architektur zu übertragen. An die Stelle eines Bühnenbildes (Bildertheater) treten dabei Objekte und Installationen verschiedenster Künstler und Wissenschaftler, die sich in den Ort einschreiben und das Geschehen beeinflussen. Die frontale Theatersituation ist aufgebrochen und den Besucher erwartet eine begehbare Operninstallation, in der die Zentralperspektive des Theaters in Multiperspektiven aufgelöst wird.

Videos by Jim Whiting:

Herbie Hancock – Rockit
catwalk woman

during art berlin contemporary
September 10 2015 – 18h00 – 21h00 (opening)
September 16 2015 – 16h00 – 19h00
September 18 2015 – 12h00 – 18h00
September 19 2015 – 12h00 – 18h00
September 20 2015 – 12h00 – 18h00

black flamingo @ Fahrbereitschaft, Herzbergstr.40-43, 10365 Berlin

noisy lines – basic pattern | LiCHTPiRATEN

during Gallery Weekend
April 29 2015 – starting 20h30 – open end (opening, live performance)
May 1 2015    – 12h00 – 18h00 (video loop)
May 2 2015    – 12h00 – 18h00 (video loop)
May 3 2015    – 12h00 – 18h00 (video loop)

black flamingo @ Fahrbereitschaft, Herzbergstr.40-43, 10365 Berlin

exhibitions 2014

exhibitions @ black flamingo: Performance of skall at Gallery Weekend Berlin 2014

the artist might be present | skall

3-screen live performance on skype
during Gallery Weekend
April 30 2014 – 18h00 – 20h30 (opening)
May 2 2014     – 12h00 – 18h00
May 3 2014     – 12h00 – 18h00
May 4 2014     – 12h00 – 18h00

black flamingo @ Fahrbereitschaft, Herzbergstr.40-43, 10365 Berlin